The Good Life keeps getting better in Sargent.

Discover Sargent on your next weekend getaway.
Escape the city! Take a Daycation to Sargent and surround yourself with options.

Point your vehicle toward Sargent and venture off the beaten path.

We are a destination well worth the drive. See what we have to offer in our antique and furniture stores, flower shop, print shop, sample the local flavor at our variety of restaurants, and spend the night at one of our unique lodging places. Come and meet people who want to see a little town grow!

Do your heart good.

If your heart beats faster at the sight of a yard sale sign, an antique shop, American made furniture, a good meal, or a big bargain; then Sargent is the place for you. Do your heart good, come and enjoy the irresistible thrill of the hunt, fun of the find.

Spend the weekend in Sargent and see why it is the Good Life.